No. Our code works on almost any hosting account; including shared hosting accounts. To host our code you need: Unix or Windows based hosting with PHP version 7.2 or newer and one MySQL database. To use the “SEO Friendly” link structure, mod_rewrite is required. Rest assured because 99.9% of hosting providers meet these requirements.

For the mobile application you only need to have, React Native or Ionic (Depending of code that you bought) installed to be able to generate the app for Android and iOS but do not worry about this, we will explain it to you in the file documentation.

The continuous improvements and uninterrupted support make our codes as reliable as they get. We are constantly developing new features for all our scripts and our customer support service was never interrupted.

Yes, you can because what you’re buying today is a high quality and exclusive product. If you’re less than 100% satisfied with how our product works or you encounter problems which are not satisfactory solved by our team, you can ask for your money back. We will refund you the same day.

Our support team is available from Monday to Friday during normal business hours. We provide support via email. Assistance is provided by experienced developers which know the product inside out. The support team is located in-house.

We accept PayPal, all major credit & debit cards. If you encounter any problems during checkout please let us know. Your license is delivered instantly to your email inbox right after the order is completed.

It consists of the product technical manuals like getting started, build tools.

Of course, if you don’t have time to install and configure the software, our team will configure everything for you at a cost of $120 and we will deliver everything ready in less than 24 hours.

No problem, the software includes access to documentation where we clearly explain everything step by step, and if you do not understand something we will solve it for you. It’s so easy and no coding required.

No, you cannot resell the software in other forums or marketplaces, but if you have purchased the Extended license you can sell it to your customers directly.

Any Questions?

If you still have any questions or doubts, please feel free to Get In Touch. We will be happy to assist you.